text editor for web programmers

It helps you to write code

It offers an autocompletion support for:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
(PHP, SQL in pro version)

You can write code anywhere

It does not require an online registration or an Internet connection to work

Page preview in apllication

It allows you to get a quick preview of your web page.
A JS error console is included.


Free version

  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML languages , LaTeX, C/C++,Java, Python languages
  • Web pages preview in the application
  • Autocompletion for HTML tags and attributes including user created class names and Ids
  • Autocompletion for JavaScript objects, variables and functions
  • Autocompletion for CSS selectors, rules and attributes
  • Autocompletion for Bootstrap and AngularJS classes and attributes
  • Autocompletion for jQuery functions and selectors
  • Autocompletion for keywords and standard library functions for C/C++ and Python languages
  • Autocompletion for LaTeX commands.
  • Downloading files from the FTP server
  • Uploading files to the FTP server
  • Browse directories on the FTP server
  • Bottom toolbar with most used characters and cursor controls.
  • Search and replace, using regular expressions
  • Unlimited undo
  • Different codepages support
  • Line numbering
  • Copy/paste
  • Several opened files at the same time
  • Hardware keyboard support
  • Font size settings

Pro version

  • No adds
  • Autocompletion for PHP functions and variables
  • Autocompletion for SQL
  • Autocompletion in find and replace fields
  • Unlimited Redo
  • Settings for syntax highlighting colors
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